About Us

AYBERKSAN Plastic Mold Industry started its service in 2004 in İvedik Organized Industrial Zone with mold manufacturing. Due to the fact that quality and customer satisfaction are equivalent, it has signed many successful projects in different sectors both at home and abroad in a short time.

While demonstrating his sensitivity to quality with the certificates he has, his biggest investment has been the importance he gave to human resources and technological developments.

It has expanded its vision by adding plastic injection, which is one of the integral parts of the industry, to its mold production, and has brought together thousands of products and services from the defense industry to the medical industry, from the automotive industry to furniture, from the park and garden group to the drilling industry.

It has made it its mission to offer the most suitable solution to the demands of its customers in the field of plastic injection and injection molding. Accurate and efficient transfer of information is at the forefront of its commercial principles.

It has always managed to remain dynamic with its technical capacity, sensitivity in R&D, and dedication to customer satisfaction

About Us