Our Occupational Health &Safety Policy


  AYBERKSAN PLASTIC MOLD INDUSTRY considers humans as the most valuable asset in its activities and adopts minimizing all kinds of losses that may occur and continuously improving it as its primary business goal by creating a safer and healthier working environment.

Our employees are encouraged by the participation of the departments within our company organization, department heads, our employees, and full compliance with the established occupational health and safety standards, and injuries and illnesses are prevented with the preventive actions taken.

 Necessary precautions are taken to prevent accidents in all process operations realized within the scope of AYBERKSAN PLASTIC MOLD INDUSTRY field of activity; Awareness of our employees, suppliers, customers, visitors, and neighbors located at the place of residence of our company is increased through training, awareness-raising and communication activities.

  AYBERKSAN PLASTIC MOLD INDUSTRY has adopted the principle of fulfilling the following issues;

  •  Safety First” is a prerequisite in AYBERKSAN PLASTİK KALIP SANAYİ.
  •  All of our employees within AYBERKSAN PLASTİK KALIP SANAYİ are responsible for Occupational Health and Safety.
  •  Risks that may occur in all processes are determined and evaluated, and necessary precautionary actions are taken and taken in order to ensure that the Occupational Accidents are zero.
  •  All of our employees attend Occupational Health and Safety training.
  •  Measurement and reporting of basic performance indicators on Occupational Health and Safety.

We are committed to continuously improving and implementing the effectiveness of our applied Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


                                                                                                                                             Aydın BEKTAŞ

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Our Occupational Health &Safety Policy