Although mold production is widespread in the Plastic Mold sector, the necessary care is not taken in mold manufacturing. It is extremely wrong to expect high efficiency from the mold, which started to be produced only in line with the customer's demand, without the necessary tests and analysis. To be mass-produced with the mold, it is essential to carry out some tests and cost and efficiency analyses before production starts. For this reason, as AYBERKSAN Mold Industry, we provide consultancy services to our customers in many areas.

We can summarize them as follows:

  • Consultancy in Transition to Production: Are your demands that your real needs?
  • Costing and Analysis Process Management: Are your planned investments suitable for your budget?
  • Product Design: How you can produce your product in the most economical way?
  • Moldflow: How do we get the lowest cycle time?
  • Test and Control Process Consultancy: How durable is your product?
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