Quality Policy

          It is an integral part of our business to take the necessary measures to minimize our negative impacts on the environment during all our activities, for a sustainable and developing future.

 As AYBERKSAN PLASTIC MOLD INDUSTRY, our primary goal is; to understand customer expectations correctly, provide error-free products and services by using the conditions correctly, and ensure the sustainability of customer satisfaction without sacrificing performance targets.

AYBERKSAN PLASTIC MOLD INDUSTRY has adopted the principle of fulfilling the following issues.

  •  To respond to the needs and expectations of our customers in the desired time and to ensure customer satisfaction by using existing resources effectively and efficiently with our trained and experienced personnel
  •  To employ trained human resources and to enable their continuous development.
  •  To have a structure that can continuously improve our fields of activity and increase its effectiveness within the framework of current legislation and customer conditions by making TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards applicable.
  •  To increase quality in all our processes and ensure its continuity and be a pioneer in the sector with a unique and developable management approach.
  •  To provide a clean environment for our employees by ensuring Occupational Safety in our activities.
  •  To adapt and adopt a transparent, fair and accountable, contemporary, and open to continuous development management system with the awareness of Social Responsibility.

 We are committed to continuously improving and implementing the effectiveness of our implemented Quality Management System.


                                                                                                                         Aydın BEKTAŞ

                                                                                                                       General manager

Quality Policy