The Message of Founder


We started mold production with the combination of experience and technology in 2004. As AYBERKSAN, we have accomplished successful projects at home and abroad with our innovative ideas and practices without sacrificing quality.

Our goal is to continue our rise by preserving our vision and mission and to improve our position in the international market.

Plastic Injection has an important place in Turkey and in the world in terms of technology and sustainability. Every step taken in this field will show improvement if it is taken with foresight, experience, analysis, and control mechanisms.

As AYBERKSAN, we provide all kinds of support in order to keep the productivity of our customers at the optimum level in this process led by mold manufacturing design. We have been continuing to raise quality people with environmental awareness since the day we were founded.

In this context, I would like to thank all our employees, valuable customers, and business partners who have supported us in moving our company forward.

Kindly regards,