Environmental Policy


As  AYBERKSAN PLASTIC MOLD INDUSTRY, we aim to increase these issues by minimizing the environmental impacts of our products, input sources, and our activities' quality by acting with the awareness that the environment we live in should be protected and improved.

 AYBERKSAN PLASTIC MOLD INDUSTRY has adopted the principle of fulfilling the following issues;

  • To control, reduce and prevent the issues that cause environmental destruction with the idea of ​​not polluting the environment instead of cleaning it.
  • To continuously improve our environmental performance and quality.
  • To contribute to the increase of environmental awareness of our suppliers, customers, employees, and society.
  • To reduce scrap and waste rates and to follow up their evaluation.
  • To eliminate pollution processes in production sources.

  We are committed to continuously improving and implementing the effectiveness of our implemented Environmental Management System.


                                                                                                                             Aydın BEKTAŞ

                                                                                                                          General manager

Environmental Policy